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The Holocaust Play

6P Whole class. This workshop helps children explore how the Holocaust happened by immersing them in a modern-day version. England takes control of the rest of the UK using edicts based on Hitler’s originals, to strip non-English people of their rights. The cast improvise the play around the suggested scene structure and directions.

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The Bad Apple

6P 15 Performers A simple play about young people taking the initiative to improve their estate. Specific to Corby (Little Scotland) there is Highland dancing involved as the history of the town unfolds. The material could be adapted to any other area. Scenes with dialogue are interspersed with physical theatre and music. The Bad Apple

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Teenage Sex Shock

34P 10M 10F The play is a series of sketches exploring sex education and teenage pregnancy. Cast can play multiple parts or be expanded. Characters are mainly teenagers but there are several adult roles. Written in 1999 the material will be dated, but it is useful to get students to compare with nowadays. Teenage Sex

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5P 13F 6M (+) A play for a mixed cast using physical theatre and mime to music, depicting the various uses of a proposed new square as part of the upgrade of a poor council estate. 6 short monologues give the views of the residents and the newcomers. Choral speaking to close the play. Squareabout

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12P 3M 5F Two short scenes exploring the impact of solvent abuse on behaviour, health and relationships. These pieces launched the national solvent abuse charity. It is not so often mentioned nowadays – but what solvents do today’s youth use? Solvit Play v5

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Shout! Show

20P 10M 10F (+) A collection of short pieces exploring a range of topics which can be performed as stand-alone pieces or all together. This was the original selection of topics by the first Shout! cast in 1998. Could be used to compare how issues have changed over 20 years. Shout! Show 1998 v5

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She’s Got the Look

4P 20F (+) This piece is for an all-female cast exploring the pressures of the fashion industry and dietary industry on body-image and self-esteem. Lots of scope for creative costume making and an excellent starting point for discussing eating disorders and body shaming. An important chance for girls to talk to one another. She’s got

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