Corby Women's Theatre Group

Corby Women's Theatre Group

During COVID lockdown, my project Shouting for 20 years documented and archived the 20-year history of my youth theatre group Shout! Theatre.

It involved holding a reunion, producing a film, launching a website, creating working scripts for schools and publishing an anthology of all the plays we had created over the years. 

That book – Steel Kids – also told the story of the group. Since the Corby Women’s Theatre Group emerged at about the same time, I thought that its 20-year herstory deserved the same recognition. 

So I applied for funding to do a similar project to Shouting for 20 years, and got it.

 The Corby Women, Then and Now project has two parts; this book, which tells the story of the theatre group and archives the plays we put on over 20 years, and a new play for performance at the Core Theatre in October 2023. 

I hope that the book gives an insight into and an understanding of the lives of the women of Corby. Their tales will resonate with working-class women everywhere, but especially those in postindustrial areas. 

And if you have picked up this book in search of plays by women, for women, you are in for a rare treat. 

Each one is totally unique in structure and you have my express permission to adapt them to suit your group, place and time. With characters ranging from cleaners to care workers, suffragettes to steel workers – I am sure you will find plenty of realistic characters to get your teeth into, as actors or readers. 

This book may be a “how to” manual for you or a “how was it?” documentary history. Whether it is methodology or memento, I hope you enjoy Women’s Ways, Women’s Plays. 

Paula Boulton 8th March 2023

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