Since our earliest days Shout! has always been keen to share our work and encourage others to try our process

Books and Scripts you can purchase

Publishing our scripts and the Shout! story in 

“Steel Kids – Shouting for 20 years”

 will allow us to reach a new audience 

  and continue to give people a voice.

Corby Women's Theatre Group - The Story of Corby Women's Theatre Group
Now available for sale

"Steel Kids : Shouting for 20 years" the definitive story of Shout Theatre!

Book to purchase

Steel Kids – Shouting for 20 years

“Steel Kids – Shouting for 20 years” is the complete collection of Shout’s work over 20 years complete with the annual reports, written as a ...
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How to purchase

Please email us with your order or with any questions

Scripts to purchase

Issue-based plays for young people” is our resource for schools and youth groups.

The scripts explore the issues which have stood the test of time and are still as relevant today as when they were first created. The entire set would give you 11 plays to choose from covering bullying, racism, war, sex education, sexuality, teenage pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, mental health, the effects of stroke.

Plays range from 9-page scripts to 2-act full-length plays for adaptable casts of various sizes with speaking and non-speaking parts and physical theatre.

The individual volumes can be purchased separately and have been grouped to align with the school curriculum: Tolerance, Health and Well-being, Sex and Relationships education.

Additionally, we have selected monologues from throughout our collection for use by young performers looking for audition material.

Scripts to purchase


Foreigners, Bloody Foreigners! 41 roles: 20 male, 16 female, 2 either – possible with cast of 17. A play exploring the many reasons people moved ...
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Scripts to purchase

Health & Well-being

A Mother at 15 12 roles: 3 male, 7 female. This play explores the issue of drug-pushing in schools and the risky behaviours that can ...
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Scripts to purchase

Relationships & Sex Education

Look Both Ways 69 roles: 13 males, 11 females, 11 either – possible with cast of 16. This play explores bisexuality in young people. Tackling ...
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Scripts to purchase

Monologues for Young People

18 monologues ranging from 85 – 962 words. 12 for characters aged between 14-18 and 6 for adult characters. The monologues cover social issues relevant ...
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Scripts to purchase

Issue-based plays for young people. Complete set of 4.

Sturdily bound with a covered spiral, these A5 Scripts are perfect for use on stage. How to purchase: Please contact us directly for prices and ...
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If you wish to perform any of these plays but have financial constraints please do contact us and we will see how we can help.

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