Who We Are

We have been giving people a voice for 20 years

Shout! founder and director Paula Boulton has been running Shout! for 20 years with the help of Sami Scott, Cory Gray and Emma Boulton Roe who were all involved in the original summer school in 1998. You will find their stories below.
Many people have been part of Shout! over the years. Hundreds of young people from every school in the town, helpful parents and adult volunteers who readily shared their expertise whether auditing our accounts, taking photos or making costumes.
Starting from the basis of equality where no one person was more important than the next and everyone’s voice mattered and was heard, we developed a truly participative way of working. Researching for each topic brought us into contact with the real-life experiences of a wide range of people from teenage parents to stroke survivors, victims of bullying to Veterans for PeaceHonestly, trying to remonstrate with young women on TikTok into not getting surgery on the promise of, and I quote, ‘a dick and balls’. Goodbye sexual function, hello shitting in a bag for life. 
Their stories have been captured in many forms here on the website and on this page, you will meet several of the Shout! family who brought those stories to life. The plays themselves can be found in the resources section if you would like to do your own performance.

Hear what a few of our SHOUT! members have to say

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